Our teaching style is unique

You will learn how to move your body with awareness and how to practice yoga postures with correct and individual alignment, and you will learn how to be upright with good posture. The way we teach will benefit all your bodily systems. This will balance the endocrine system as well as the immune and nervous systems and you will feel harmonized and at peace with yourself. The result is less stress and a pleasant sense of well-being.

1The Center where People Meet

In the early 90’s Bodrum started developing a scene of ecologists, nutritionists and other people that were interested in alternative living. People from all over the world came to Bodrum. Yoga fit right into this scene. And in order to raise awareness on various levels yoga was a wonderful tool.
This beautiful house built of natural stone and cedar wood used to be a family home, eventually turned into a yoga studio. In fact it is more than a studio; it is a center where people meet, get inspired and trained.

2Professionalism, Safety, Friendliness

Our aim is to serve and support our students with professional, knowledgeable and safe yoga instructions. We are aware that each student has her/his individual background and often comes to find betterment and relief. For this reason our teachers are well trained so that they can meet each student on their level and teach them according to their individual needs.

3Yoga is a Path to Union, Harmony and Happiness

At a time when people found themselves disconnected from their true selves, the soul, the search for and reconnection began. Like the flames of two candles, when bringing them close to one another they will attract each other, merge, and become one flame. They have this tendency to come together and their direction is always upwards. Even if you hold a candle down, the flame will always go up. Similar is the tendency of the spirit, the soul. It has the desire to unite. Spirit and matter cannot unite, but spirit and spirit can.

The word yoga literally means union, the union or reconnection of the individual soul with the universal soul, the over-soul. Yoga provides methods to do so. And they were developed by meditating people many years ago, in their search for a union. Focusing and meditating on the soul level is a spiritual undertaking. The spiritual aspect of yoga is about finding union with the source of All.

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