The Yoga Center Bodrum

Our studio is an oasis in the bustling city of Bodrum. It is situated in a garden with olive, lemon and tangerine trees which typically grow in the Mediterranean region. In former days houses were built from natural materials with thick stone walls and carpenter woodwork. Our yoga studio is built in this traditional way which allows us to practice yoga in a healthy environment.
The studio is close to Bodrum’s city center. If you come by car you will easily find a parking place and if you come by bus you are 4-minutes walk from the bus stop on the main road.

1Teacher Training

2Workshop and Retreat

3Yoga is a Path to Union, Harmony and Happiness

At a time when people found themselves disconnected from their true selves, the soul, the search for and reconnection began. Like the flames of two candles, when bringing them close to one another they will attract each other, merge, and become one flame. They have this tendency to come together and their direction is always upwards. Even if you hold a candle down, the flame will always go up.
Similar is the tendency of the spirit, the soul. It has the desire to unite. Spirit and matter cannot unite, but spirit and spirit can.

The word yoga literally means union, the union or reconnection of the individual soul with the universal soul, the over-soul. Yoga provides methods to do so. And they were developed by meditating people many years ago, in their search for a union. Focusing and meditating on the soul level is a spiritual undertaking. The spiritual aspect of yoga is about finding union with the source of All.

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