Code of Ethics for my 200hr and 350hr training:

–       Respect:  ‘Ahimsa’ means not to harm – others, as well as oneself, to foster an attitude of respect and dedication towards humanity, as well as towards our fellow creatures, to try to live a vegetarian life, and not to abuse drugs and alcohol.

–       Responsibility: People often start yoga at a difficult time in their lives, when they are seeking help. They have the right and the need to grow in consciousness by self reflection and personal exploration. It is our responsibility as teachers to provide this possibility for students, honestly and professionally. We need to understand where our and their limits lie, and refer students to seek alternative practice and advice when necessary.

–        Boundaries: It is necessary to maintain space in the student-teacher relationship, not to manipulate and impose beliefs, not to take advantage and fulfill our needs- for money, sex, love, power,- creating dependency.  People come to yoga for self-growth, in their search to experience it, and we may take away this opportunity when inviting or responding to dependency.

–       Self-Study: We recognise the need to practise self reflection and self development, growing in awareness and understanding, before we can be an example to others and teach professionally. Therefore we need to invest time in our own development as teachers and as a human being.

–        Integrity: Our words and actions should be one.


Thanks to my daughter Defne for this picture

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